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Because 7 books are simply not enough!

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The Survivor 2/23
apolesen wrote in dissendiumff
Title The Survivor - 2/23
Author apolesen
Fandom Harry Potter
Pairing Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin/m
Rating/warning NC-17 overall, PG for this chapter. Homophobia, serophobia, scars, suciide attempt reference, self-harm reference, body horror (lycanthropy), animal teath. Please see the notes at the beginning of the fic (follow the link below) for an exhaustive warning list.
Summary 1985. Four years after the death of his friends, Remus decides to break out of the pattern of his post-war life and try living among Muggles. In a sleepy town in southern England and the bustling city of London, he tries to build a new life for himself, piece by piece. The more he sees of the Muggle world, the more Remus wonders if that structure is as stable as he would like to think it is.

“The Survivor” is set in Thatcherite Britain, in the wake of the Falklands War and the onset of the British AIDS epidemic. It explores themes of disease, stigma, war trauma and grief, reflecting both on the historical context of the 1980s and Rowling’s characterisation of Remus Lupin.

The Survivor - Chapter Two