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Welcome to dissendiumff!

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dissendiumff allows aspiring writers and avid readers of Harry Potter fanfiction to come together and share/recommend Harry Potter fanfiction of ALL types.

The Rules:

Love them or hate them - you can't have a peaceful community without them.

1. Please respect your fellow members. ALL types of Harry Potter fanfiction is allowed, so you are likely to come across something you may not like. If you don't have anything nice or constructive to say, don't say anything at all. Your taste doesn't = everyone else's.

2. Please keep all posts Harry Potter fanfiction related. Crossovers are OK.

3. If you are posting fanfiction in an entry, please use an LJ-Cut.

Rule breaking could result in your post/comment being deleted, and/or a ban.


You do NOT need to ask permission to join. Simply CLICK HERE! As soon as you do, you'll become an official member, and will be able to post immediately.

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